The products with 2B1 brand belong to Traumatology as  MicroPile a external fixation system and, as well as to Spine area, with Injection Pin, respectively, a particular screw for armed vertebroplasty.

All 2B1 devices target at:
Highest biocompability
Easy-to-use concept
Safety and improvement

in order to overcome the hurdles and challanges of today surgery.



Boma kit


Is formed by the following parts:

Polypropilene Syringe

Pull-On Connector

Stainless Steel Needles 11Ga with trocar in three different lenghts: 100, 120 e 150 mm;

Empty Maker in three different lenghts;





Stand-alone Procedures

Injection Safety (non-reversal mechanism on the rack of the piston)


MicroPile is an intramedullary trans-cutaneous fixation system formed by two Kirschner wires and one clip to fasten wires together to compress the reduced fracture, assuring a faster healing and convalescence. Wires and clips are supplied in different sizes (small, medium, large, extra), disposable and sterile. The MicroPile system permits internal, external and hybrid synthesis. The wires are available in diameters of 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm.

Clip Small       BLUE       diam 1,5 mm Wire

Clip Medium   RED        diam 2,0 mm Wire

Clip Large       GREEN   diam 2,5 mm Wire

Clip Extra        BLACK     diam 3,0 mm Wire

Wires and clips are supplied together with double sterility package. If needed a wire or a clip is provided singularly.


In collaboration with Absool Medica srl INJECTION PIN – INJECTION, FILLING AND STABILITY

Injection Pin is a patent pending medical device meant to be used in orthopedics and traumatology. Injection of stimulating substances (platelet GF, marrow concentrate, bone substitues) in useful to enhance bone regeneration and consolidation while injection of bone cement can consolidate bone fractures in ostheoporotic tissues.